HILL REUNION First Luncheon 2004

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So many asked for names on the pictures. Please email me, identify by number.

Fill in ?/, Please Correct any errors,   Click on my name to email me:  Bob Borelli


  1A: Billy Rafferty Eddie Halloran  Teddy Weimer   Tom Forlano  Bob Lillis  Lou Spinato   Joe Morrell 

  1B: Paul Owens  Jack Rafferty  Ted Weimer  Ed Halloran    
2 A: Lou Spinato  Tom Farrell   John Cusick   Standing: Gene Zandri   2B: Ed Halloran   tom Farrell   Lou Spinato   Jack Rafferty   Walt Brennan    
3A: Jim Lee   Bob Lillis   Ted Weimer  Ed Halloran 
Bottom Row:  Jack Daly  Paul Owens   Jack Rafferty   
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