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         Jack Haggerty                                       Nick DeMatties


New Haven Hill Section/City Point Reunion 

It started with Jack Haggerty and Nick DeMatties meeting for lunch from time to time. They invited Bob and Jim Lee to join them. They started meeting every 2 months. Soon they were joined by Jimmy and Richie Flanagan and Wally Brennan. Before you knew it there were 12 than 15 people. We had what was called our first reunion lunch around May 2004 at Lucibello’s and it was attended by 31 people.

The idea started with Saint Peters alumni and quickly grew to add Sacred Heart and Truman alumni, and now includes St John Evangelist and Saint Anthony’s alumni. The first group was mainly 1952 and 53 grammar school graduates. We now include all who grew up on the Hill in the 40’s, 50’s and 60s. 

Our second reunion was also a luncheon, and for the first time it included the girls. We met at Biagetti’s and 53 people attended. We continued 6 months later again at Biagetti’s and we now numbered 83. By now we formed a committee, which meets every 2 months, Based on many requests we decided to have our first evening reunion at the Savin Rock Conference Center in May, 2006. We way exceeded expectations and 200 people attended. 

Many people did not want to wait until May 2007 for our next diner reunion and asked to have a luncheon in November. We did so in November 2006 at Biagetti’s and 100 attended.  

Our second diner reunion was held May 10, 2007 at Anthony’s Ocean View and was a huge success attended by 330 people. You can imagine the scene with many people seeing kids they grew up with for the first time in 45 to 50 years (nametags were required). 

Our intent is to host DINNER REUNIONS on an annual basis. So keep an eye out for emails or visit us on our website to mark the dates, times, and places, in your calendar and remember to pass the word .

Our committee: Bob Borelli, George Chambrelli, Tommy Fahy, Maureen Haggerty, Jim Flanagan, Tom Forlano, Patty Giannotti, Jack Haggerty, Bob Lee, Jim Lee, Bob Lillis, Herb Lynch, Len Masselli, Joe Morrell, Mary Doyle Nelson, Judy Paes, Dolly Sulmone, Peggy Pelzer, Peggy Rogan Steve Quinn, Jack Rafferty, Mike Shea, Nick DeMatties


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