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Saint Anthony's Memorabilia (Scroll down to see all)

Saint Anthony's Class of 1953 Click to enlarge.

  Today as the class of  1953 gets posted on the net, I reflect on the past 54 years. It seems like only yesterday that I was in St. Anthony's nursery and grade school; These years were the greatest. The nuns were strict but we learned so much. I married in 1959 to Bob Giannotti who also went to St. Anthony's school.  I have a daughter and a son and also a deceased son and 2 grandchildren.  We live in Clinton, Conn for 43 years.  It sure would be great to hear from my past classmates.

 Carol  Borrelli Giannotti                                                                                              

Click to Enlarge Beansie Bernardo in Iceland. Boy! did we feel safe


Another Saint Anthony's Group Pictures. Click  To Enlarge


"I was reading some of you articles , but no info on Saint

Anthony's School.I graduated 1946 and played CYO sports
with the guys I attended school with , we competed with all
the Catholic schools in the greater new haven area and to
me it was the best times that anyone growing up in that era
could ask for. there was the saint anthony boys from gold
street boys like the giannotti's onofrio minutillo pepi carafano
sortito..places like cappys,washington spa, doms smoke shop
trowbridge center city point the cedar hill boys the clam bar
kimberly spa, joker a. c pete's auto mickey finns. to me and
many others those were the golden years of our youth long
ago, but never forgotten,and I thank this site for its help in
reminding everyone from days gone bye that dreams are a
wish that the heart makes"

Bob Giannotti.

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Saint Anthony's Class of 1946

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Saint Anthony's Group Pictures. Click To Enlarge


Above. They Didn't get older,  they got Better!

  The Boys At Their Finest, Click to Enlarge.

Pat Morro Trowbridge Center Click to Enlarge

Here 's a photo you can post in most Schools in the Hill
section. I don't know if you knew Pat Morro , one of the directors
at Trowbridge Center. He was one of a kind , a true Gentleman. 
He helped a lot of kids in need of guidance and he never had tor raise his voice to get his point across .       Bob G.

Saint Anthony's class of 1954. Click on Picture to enlarge>

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Picnic 1977 Click to Enlarge

<Picnic with the Boys Summer 1977. Click on Picture to enlarge

This photo was taken 1961 at Saint Peters field. Back then        > they had an Industrial League where Companies competed in softball games I played for Conn Hard Rubber a company that manufactured parts for different Aircraft Companies, among other supplies. Bob G.

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