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The Class of The Hill Reunion Founding Fathers

The Class that had All Right People and Then Some

A Class with a Lot of Class

1954 Saint Peter's Graduation. Can you name them all?

Saint Peter's Class of 1951

Saint Peter's Class of 1953

Our Other Founding Father's Class

Saint Peter's Class of 1956

Edna & Jack Daly

What Another One?

George Chambrelli and Ed Pevich receiving a duck pin trophy from a duck pin unknown.

Tom Kroll, A great guy with an equally great girl, both from a great schoool in a one time great neighborhood.

And the hands shook, the sky became black, and the earth trembled.

Tom Fahy, Bobby Caliendo, Robert Monaco Who? Monaco, from the country of? No! and Georgie Chambrelli. with looks like a brand new glove.

Ahh the Wonder Tones!

We all remember that famous teenage singing group. Especially their big hits Dugout Suzy, Blue Suede Cleats, and She wore Blue Pin Stripes.

Jack Haggerty on leave with a real cold date

Saint Peters graduation 1952, L to r Paul Owens, Skippy Launder, Nicky DeMatties Jackie Rafferty, Jimmy Casey and Ronn

Who said we can't read?

First communion, Saint Peters, l to r Nicky DeMatties, Jackie Daly and Louie Maturo

Will You Look at Those Legs!

That Saint Peter's 1954 Graduation Class again.

Look for George with the red nuckles. Those Nuns knew how to use a ruler. No! only kidding they were all saints and I am sure Mother Matilda is still looking after us.

Again that 1954 Saint Peter's Grads.

Do you remember the park at the end of Howard Ave.?


Athletic league picture, some Bravado, some propaganda


Arthur Street gang - top row l to r Jackie Daly, Louie Maturo, Junie Bonazzoli, Nicky DeMatties, bottom row unidentifi

Talk About Gangs, Here's one that would put fear into anyone?

Elks Little League

Can you Find George?

More Bravado

St. Peters first basketball team 1957.

pictured from left to right: Standing,,in Sport Jacket, Daniel Ahern, kneeling in front tom meyerholz, anthony vessicchio, standing left to right:manager dan ahearn, paul doyle, sal barone, jeff cofrancesco, steve pogonelski, bill murphy, hobart armstrong, bill rafferty, alex fusco, jim courcey, bob moran, tom kroll, chris d'addio. in rear is coach jim chambrelli and father emerling. missing from is bob leonzo.

Saint Peter's Class of 1963

St Peter's Class of 1963 sitting: Father Traxl,Marilyn Hunihan,Leonard Adams, Michael Duffy, Mary Ellen Lee,Father Otto. row 1: Linda Alogna, Joan Edwards,Barbara Tomasky,Kevin Flanagan,Sam Grestini,Susie Contois, Janet Cohane, Carolyn Pagliaro. row 2: Joan Courcey, Peggy Breen,Joan Curley,John Galvin,Ricky McGeehan , Marion Morgensen,Jane Puishys,Maureen Shields. row 3: Susan Kirck,Vivian Larrivee,David Colella,Louis Randall, Ronald Acabbo, Jerome Weber,Charles Zarbo,Jimmy O'Brien,Mary Galvin,Karen Vincent.row 4:Patricia Schaffnit, Brenda Lazar, Joseph Olivieri,Michael Taylo, Thomas O'Dea, Noreen Quinn, Pamela Lysak

And Yes,

More Bravado

Here 's a photo you can post in most Schools in the Hill

section. I don't know if you knew Pat Morro , one of the directors at Trowbridge Center. He was one of a kind , a true Gentleman. He helped a lot of kids in need of guidance and he never had tor raise his voice to get his point across .       Bob G.

Linda Baccioci & Bobby Borelli

First Love

Boy were we Great or What!









And Lastly More Bravado

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